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Increase Number of Rings on Landline to 10

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Getting to our landline phone is not always possible within the 15 seconds currently given before our voicemail kicks in after 5 rings.

I have called Virgin Media 3 times to request the number of rings on my landline be increased from 5 rings to 10 and still I am waiting for the setting to be changed.  I have been trying to get this sorted out since 18/02/22, having called again on 24/02 and 04/03.

According to the Your-VM Phone-Guide.pdf:

Changing the number of rings
Your phone will ring 10 times before diverting to voicemail.
You can reduce the number of rings. Just give us a call to set
this up.

We have never had 10 rings before our phone diverts to voicemail but would like that many.

Somebody must know how to sort this out, please?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @KimLou

Welcome to our Community Help Forum 🙂

Thank you for making this post regarding changing the number of rings on your landline. I would be happy to extend the number of rings to 10. I shall send you a private message now to obtain the details required and we can get this sorted!

Best wishes,


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My parents (92 years old and walking with a stick) cannot possibly get to the phone within 5 rings (when the caller is disconnected).

I had excellent communication with Customer Service, but after sending endless details of the acoount and receiving confirmation that they would increase the rings to 10 (maximum!!) there was no change. When I followed it up, I was told that because my parents are now on fibre optic it was not possible to increase the number of rings!!!

 We'll be changing to a different supplier for landline, internet and two mobile phones. A cousin has the same problem.

I see Virgin Orbiter doesn't work either.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Richard601 - I can see my colleague has sent you a private message - if you are able to follow up with them on this please.