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Incoming calls cut out immediately on answering.

Tuning in

Using Hub 5 with phone dongle installed a couple of months ago. Was tested and working by the Tech.

Started going “funny” Thursday/Friday 24/25 Nov.

Tried ringing myself with mobile as soon as I answer the landline it cuts out immediately. On other calls neither party can hear any speech on answer.

Can ring out but after 15-20 min landline cuts out and is dead.

Have cordless phone also tested with corded phone both same. Borrowed another cordless, same again.

This is all incoming calls.

Yes, I have rebooted the HUB 5 several times


Rang to 150 on Friday 25th Nov. spent 40min on landline phone and mobile. All test by 150 showed everything OK

Was passed to SMS? phone cut out. Had enough by then.


Joining in

I'm having exactly the same problem, as soon as i pick up the phone it appears to cut off. Its ringing and telling me who's calling but as soon as i pick it up it goes dead. Its dialling out ok just not receiving calls properly. I then have to ring back whoever is calling me.

only been on the fibre phone for three weeks Im not impressed so far it keeps cutting me off mid call and I'm receiving 5 to 8 scam international calls every day starting at 1am every few hours neither of these things happened before on my old landline I've had to set my phone to block all international calls.  

Luckily don't get the scam calls (well not many)

No matter how often I tell my friends my phone is “broken” ring my mobile they still do.

When I rang 150 Friday had the idea nothing would happen to sort it.

Hi James6551, thankd for the message and welcome to the forums. 

This is an issue which we are aware of and the IT teams are looking into resolving this 

Hopefully the IT team will have an update soon.

Kind regards, Chris. 

Thanks for the reply.
Is this a local thing or nationwide small, large problem. Enquiring minds would like to know.
So, it would be pointless ringing 150 on Monday?

It is an issue with the Hub 5 which we working on resolving. 

Hopefully we have a fix soon. ^Chris. 


Will try asking again in a few days (weeks months) then.

No worries, we are working on resolving this and hopefully they will have a fix soon. 

Have a good day, 


Good to know the vm team are looking into the issue and that I'm not alone having this issue.

Been looking at other posts. Seems to be several different answers floating around.
Like I'll send you a purple envelope.
Glad you've got it sorted by the call centre.
Hope this answer is passed around to all VM staff