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Hub red light for weeks, now dead

Joining in

My hub has had a red light for weeks

Searching the site, it states it is due to overheating

I have cleared everything around it and now sits pretty much by itself but the router stayed red

Doesn't feel hot to touch and cannot work out how to stop it being red. 

The website BOT takes you around and around in circles

As Internet was still usable, i carried on. But now the light is off

The WiFi light is on only

Switched it off and on and the red light blinked for a bit and then turned off

No idea what I can do 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Brookchae

Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear of the broadband issue. 

There is a known fault we are working on for the overall broadband working issue - F009868414 is the fault number and there's no updated estimated fix time I'm afraid but we are working sorting this out asap.

The red light on the hub; 

• Turn the power switch off on the back of the Hub.
• Ensure the Hub is upright, in a well-ventilated location and out of direct sunlight, if possible. 
• Switch the hub back on at the power. The Hub should now operate normally.
Lastly, if all the above done and it's still showing a red light - then please do a PIN reset on the router. 
Let me know if that doesn't fix it

Forum Team

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