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Hub 5 - 'Missed' Calls

Up to speed

This is a strange one, so wondering if anyone else has observed something like this...

With the home phone plugged into the Hub 5, I am seeing frequent missed calls from 'No number' at a variety of times during the day.  But if I call 1471 I am getting call data older than this (which relate to 'real' calls), so seems like we are getting spurious missed call data to the phone from the Hub.

Has anyone else observed anything similar?

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thanks for quick reply. I have seen that some of the others affected have mentioned that they have bt phones. I may try to borrow a different one or even buy a cheap one to try. Will let you know if it makes any difference 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for confirming, Ped27.

We wouldn't like to to purchase a new phone just to be able to test this so if you could borrow one to test that would be great!

Please, keep us posted and let us know of any updates moving forwards.
We'll be around to help. 🙂

Forum Team

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Just treated myself to a new Panasonic one from Argos. Will let you know in a couple of days if it makes any difference! Will put the old one on eBay 



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks again for keeping us posted on this, Ped27. 
That sounds great actually, please do test the new device and tell us if it does the trick for you.

In case it's still giving you the same error you can always return the handset as not suitable within your cooling off period for this purchase, hopefully. 

Best regards,

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Hi adri

i bought a Panasonic cordless phone and plugged it in Wednesday evening and haven’t had one ghost call so far . Looks like it’s a problem with bt phones in general or just the model 8500 I had. May help to find out from all the others if they have the same bt model or different ones.



Which Panasonic phone have you bought? I’ll try anything cos I’m getting at least 9 of these calls every day 

Thanks for the update Ped27

I'm glad the issue has seemed to resolve itself for you.

Do pop back up if you require further assisitance.



Hi Sassr

This is the one I bought. £30 in Argos

Panasonic KXTGC260ES Cordless Phone w/ Answer Machine Single

Still had no ghost calls since Wednesday when I plugged it in.

Oddly, I also havent had any scam calls either. I was getting at least one call a day from either a number that was a recorded message saying there was a message for a Mr Ahmed or no-one there or an Indian Sky Scammer. These may come again though, dont know how the type of phone would make any difference there.

Let us all know if you solve it as well!


Good luck


Does VM's VOIP service include voice mail ?

VM know Ghost calls are a Hub 5 issue, hence any make / model of phone with a Caller ID screen or log can be affected.

I see u have now upgraded upload speeds for both Virgin Media and Business and certain Residential customers?


But when for people on the Virgin Media 1Gig speeds package?


I'm having the same issues here since upgrading too the Virgin HUB FIVE where I have too call the number several times before being connected too the destination I'm calling?


We can’t see any issues affecting PO8 9UF


Checked at 15:17 today


It's so frustrating having an intermittent phone service which isn't working?


I shouldn't get a dead tone on most calls regardless of the time of day or evening?


It happens on most calls and I think this must be a firmware issue on the Virgin HUB FIVE

Kind regards 

 Dean 👍 👍 👍