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Hub 5 - 'Missed' Calls

Up to speed

This is a strange one, so wondering if anyone else has observed something like this...

With the home phone plugged into the Hub 5, I am seeing frequent missed calls from 'No number' at a variety of times during the day.  But if I call 1471 I am getting call data older than this (which relate to 'real' calls), so seems like we are getting spurious missed call data to the phone from the Hub.

Has anyone else observed anything similar?

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Settling in

Yes we have the exact same issue. I switched to the new hub last week and we have multiple missed calls listed on our phone. At random times, day and night. Thankfully the phone doesn't ring and as already been said, 1471 doesn't suggest calls have been made. Its very odd and I'm intrigued to know what the solution might be. 

Hi Helen9685, thanks for reaching out on our help forum and this thread. 

A warm welcome to our community as well. 🙂

We're sorry to see you've had issues with ''missed calls'' showing on your voicemail list since the hub 5 was fitted.

We are aware of an issue with ghost calls appearing as reported above and our IT teams are currently working on a fix, however we do not have a timeframe for this to get resolved.

Please, bear with us while we're working on restoring this problem.
All affected customers will be notified once this has been resolved.

Let us know if you have more concerns or questions, we're here to help.

Forum Team

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On our wavelength

I keep hearing that Virgin are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. But is that actually true? This has been going on for 8 months, which seems to me (I work in IT) to be an incredibly long time to identify a problem and produce a patch.

I cannot imagine this is getting any focus or priority whatsoever.

Hey Chippy_boy, thanks for your post and for sharing your concerns with us.

Sorry to see how you feel and that you've lost faith to our ability in restoring a technical fault such as the ghost calls showing up on 21CV lines.

We're currently aware of this issue and our teams are actively investigating this and working on a resolution, sorry as it's taking longer than an average error fix however we'd like you to rest assured we will get to the bottom of this.

Such problems are of high priority to us, however this does not mean the resolve will be necessarily quick. It may be still time consuming as this is down to the problem it self and it's complexity.

In case you find the above is causing you further dissatisfaction, please refer to our complaints code of practice here.

Let us know if you have more questions or concerns and we'll be happy to best assist you.

Forum Team

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Not applicable

You know what will happen with that VM complaint... 

Your complaint was: Home Phone -> Faults -> Other

And here’s what we agreed: Faults -> Customer strung along for another couple of months until the price hike kicks in. 

We’ve now closed your complaint. Thank you for being so patient with us.

I have been having these since the system was installed at the beginning of October last year. Virgin keep saying on this community thing that they are working on it but it’s already 6 months for me, longer for others. Meanwhile, my call list keeps filling up with ghost calls from no number and I have to empty them every 3 days or so.

Please can we have a solution !!! 

Hey Ped27, thank you for reaching out on our help forum and this thread and sorry to hear you've been affected by this 'missed calls' issue as well.

We understand the inconvenience and appreciate the frustration caused as this is taking longer than an average fix, however we can assure you our teams are working their best to resolve this as a priority.

Can I just confirm whether you've attempted a pin hole reset as seen here on your hub and if that's made any difference whatsoever?

Also, what type of handset are you using and have you tried to test an alternative handset to see if this error is present there too?

Let us know, happy to advise further.

Forum Team

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thanks for your reply. 

Yes, I have tried a reboot.

I have a BT8500 digital cordless phone with answer machine. I don’t have an alternative phone to try. 
Your engineer is coming on 15th March to relocate the router/hub line as they couldn’t put it where I wanted it when it was first installed. Maybe they can leave a different phone for me to try. Dont want to buy another only to find that it makes no difference ! 


Thanks for this reply and your advice on this, Ped27.

We'd like to advise the issue is in relation to some BT phones too so we're currently working with BT on this to find a fix, since our engineer will visit to relocate your hub you can seek for more suggestions discussing this with them and we'll be able to advise once a resolve has been found.

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to provide with a new handset as they're not on our products' list.
In case you could potentially test a different handset we'd be able to see if this narrows down to the BT handset or it's a hub issue on all handsets connecting to the hub 5.

No worries if you cannot do this, we'll be able to work on the issue regardless although this could help with our investigation if known.

Tell us if you have more questions, happy to help.

Forum Team

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I tried to log a complaint but I get a response which showed they didn’t understand or hadn’t read my complaint properly.

is it possible for the forum team to log a complaint on my behalf or alternatively give me the internal problem reference number I can then quote on the complaint ?