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Hub 5 - 'Missed' Calls

Up to speed

This is a strange one, so wondering if anyone else has observed something like this...

With the home phone plugged into the Hub 5, I am seeing frequent missed calls from 'No number' at a variety of times during the day.  But if I call 1471 I am getting call data older than this (which relate to 'real' calls), so seems like we are getting spurious missed call data to the phone from the Hub.

Has anyone else observed anything similar?

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Thank you for the update @Chippy_boy!

We appreciate hearing this 🙂
Please do keep us informed about any changes that happens throughout.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Dialled in

I'm getting the same issue myself,  I've seen this is known issue, I have BT call guardian phone if it makes a difference.  seems to log imaginary calls at 1:45 AM for example!  thank god it doesn't make my phone ring, lets hope its sorted soon. 

Tuning in

We are having the same issue. Ever since we plugged our landline into the hub instead of plugging it into our dedicated landline we are getting at least 10 missed calls every day from no number.

The phone doesn't ring and some of the calls are in the middle of the night. We have a BT handset.


We still get our normal calls that ring as normal from friends and family.


Has there been a resolution to this issue?

My dad is concerned someone is trying to hack us.


Hello Graham7465.

Thankyou for joining this thread. Sorry to hear about the missed calls.

This is a known issue and we are looking at away of resolving this as soon as we can.

Right now it is under investigation and we are sorry for the inconvenience this is causing your Dad.

Can we please ask what handset your Dad has and are you able to test an alternative handset for a day or so?


Its a BT 4600 advanced call blocker. I do not have another handset to try out.

Thanks Graham7465.

It does appear to be that certain BT phones are having a fault with our Fibre line.

The calls will be cold calls, sales etc. The BT phone does not pick up the number that has dialled, When these type of calls are received they just end up silent.

That is as much as we know right now regarding the issue.


Just to add, I don't think that is it at all. First, my phone is not a BT phone, it's made by Siemens. Second, the missed calls were not like normal ones at all. In my cases, the phone did not ring, it just made a short bleep as if it was about to start ringing but then the call was dropped immediately and another missed call appeared in the call log.

However, as I mentioned previously, this problem mysteriously fixed itself for me some weeks ago, so I don't know what has been changed but something has.



Hello Chippy_boy

We appreciate your reply and are happy that the issue has resolved itself for you.




It still isn't working for me?

I get frequent silent calls on my BT phone?

Also sometimes when I pick up the handset I quite often get a dead dialling tone meaning I have too try my call several times before It dials out

Kind regards 

 Dean 👍 👍 👍 

Hello dmason197,

We are very sorry this is still causing you an issue.

We are aware of the fault and are looking for a fix.  The team that deals with is are working as hard as they can to resolve this for all customers.

I know it's a standard answer, but that is as much as we know right now.