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How do I get reconnected?

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We're waiting for an external cable to be connected outside our house.  The new one has been run, but it's not patched into the distribution box.  We're currently connected to our neighbours box as a workaround.  Our phone cable has been chopped off which means our line is dead.  I can't get anyone from Virgin Media to tell me when this will be rectified.  I've logged a complaint, but keep getting told the work is completed.  At my wits end!!  Does anyone know how to escalate this to a manager?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there Welkel,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Really sorry about the experience faced here, just to clarify is your landline currently with ourselves or is it with a different provider?

Secondly when the wire was cut, was anything advised via the technician that incorrectly did so?

Let us know,


It's a Virgin landline.  The engineer said that the cable had been cut by whoever pulled the external cable through for us.  The external cable has been pulled, but it's not connected and the old cable has been physically chopped off.  He said it wasn't his department so couldn't assist further.

Ahh okay, 

Usually an appointment should be booked to get this sorted, has any appointment been booked since this issue occurred?

Also when was this done?

Thanks again, 


The external cable works was done on the 10th August.  I reported the fault on the phone shortly after and the engineer came on the 18th Aug

Right okay, 

The technician that came on the 18th August, were they meant to fit the cable in?

If not did they advise on which team was set to do so?

Thanks for your cooperation,



He said it wasn't his team as it needed to be connected up in the distribution point first.  When I spoke to the helpdesk, they said the work has been completed.  I am going around in circles as nobody seems to know what team is doing what.  But I have no landline and my broadband is connected to the neighbours box as a workaround.  I keep explaining this to various people and get told to call 150 ...

No worries, let me investigate this for you.

I've dropped you a PM for further assistance.

You'll find this message within the purple envelope icon. 



It’s a Virgin landline. The engineer said it wasn’t his team so had no information for me

Thank you for the information @Welkel

I can see that you are in a private message with my colleague. If you have any further questions or concerns, please directly them on your private message so we can answer you quickly. Hopefully the team will get this sorted for you soon.  

Here to help 🙂
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