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Fibre phone adapter

On our wavelength

My landline phone socket and my Virgin Hub are on different floors and I do not want to have a cable between the two. 
What are my alternatives ? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello pjamesesq.

Thanks for your post regarding the phone switch over.

We could look at connecting the Hub to the master phone socket, but possibly re routing the cable externally.

Or it is worth looking at a pair of cordless handsets?

I am happy to arrange the rerouting if you thin that is the best option.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

DECT wireless handsets are the only alternative.

The base unit where the main handset sits will have to be next to the hub, but you can pick it up & walk round with it like a mobile. These phones also come in versions with multiple handsets/charging pods, so you can plug them in anywhere there is a power outlet.

Here is an example, but there are many different ones to choose from: 

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Hi Gareth 

Thanks for your quick response. I already have cordless handsets which work from a base attached to the land line entry point. 
Does this mean I will be able to continue to use them ? 

Hello pjamesesq.

If you plug the base into the hub then you can position the other handset wherever suits you.


Thank you Gareth

My transfer day is tomorrow, so I will give that a try 🤞🤞

Hi pjamesesq,

Can you please let us know how you get on tomorrow.



Hello Gareth 

It worked ! I can make and receive calls ! 

Many thanks for your assistance. It is very much appreciated. 


Good afternoon pjamesesq.

Thanks for the update.

Great news all is okay with you after the switchover.

We are here if you need anything else at all.