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Contact from Virgin Media claiming to disconnect my mother's service

Tuning in


I have power of attorney for my mother's Virgin Home Phone and broadband.  I received a call, claiming to be from Virgin on my voicemail yesterday, stating that my mother's phone line will be changed or disconnected if I don't get in touch.  Am not sure if this is legitimate, so need someone to look into this please.

I would appreciate this via private message and I can do the security questions and so on.

I have tried to contact Virgin by phone and cannot get through at present.

Many thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello hils49


Sorry to hear of the recent contact received in regards to your mothers account and the confusion this has caused, we appreciate you raising this via the forums.


We're happy to look into this further for you to see if there is any legitimacy to the call, some customers are having their landline service changed to work via the Hub as opposed to the wall socket but we wouldn't necessarily call in regards to this.


I will send you a Private Message to get some more details to assist further and await your reply.