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Changed landline by accident!

Tuning in

Hello, I’m seeing if anyone can help me as I am desperate for help! I have accidentally changed the landline from virgin media to another provider as I have had a new broadband installed in the house hold. Now the landline works on the new broadband with the other provider. However this was not requested and wanted the landline to stay with virgin media. Is there a way round this as it’s an absolute nightmare and is affecting the monthly bill. 

kind regards 


Thank you for your advice, the other provider (Vodafone) have came back to me with 2 options. Either have the landline with them (which is probably not the best thing as my parents will be unhappy) or to cancel my vodafone broadband and transfer the landline back to VM. If the 2nd option was taking can the number be transferred back to VM without any problems?

kind regards

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the response on this JMac100,

So to clarify are Vodafone advising that they have the number you wanted to keep?

If so and you would be looking to come back to us then they should be able to port back to ourselves.



Hi Kain,

Yes so Vodafone currently have the landline port which when ordering the broadband I didn’t want them to have as this was with yourselves at VM. I’ve accidentally changed it to Vodafone. They’ve gave me the option of cancelling the Vodafone broadband and then to hopefully transfer the landline back to yourselves as this was the package we had in the first place at VM. I just want guarantee that the number will not be lost if getting transferred over back to yourselves. Then once that is sorted I can then reorder the broadband from Vodafone and the VM side of things will not be interrupted. 

kind regards 


Hi @JMac100, thank you for your response.

Yes, Vodafone will be able to port the number back to us and it won't be lost. 

Please keep us updated on your discussions with them. 


That’s great news! I have a call with them on Monday to discuss the options and what my parents say. Can safely say I will not be doing this again 😞


thank you all for your help. I appreciate it all


will update on Monday hopefully and get this back the way it was. 

kind regards

Hi @JMac100, no problem at all.

Have a nice day!


Update, Vodafone will be ringing today even tho they said that yesterday and didn’t. The likely hood is that my broadband with Vodafone will be cancelled today. Just asking what is the process for transferring the landline back to VM? Any help will be appreciated. 


Why did you start another ISP service with Vodafone when you are so keen to continue with VM ?

I was trying have a separate broadband in the house hold as the one we have isn’t great and I WFH so this was affecting my job. I accidentally transferred it over. 

Update: just came off the phone to Vodafone regarding the situation. They have asked me to contact VM to port the landline back from Vodafone and to cancel my contract. No fees will be charged as currently in 14 day period on what Vodafone currently offer. Just need some advice now on what to do, should I contact VM via customer services?