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Can I use a VOIP Wi-Fi Handset with my Virgin Media number now they have switched from PSTN

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I have some VOIP Wi-Fi Handsets quite happily running on a VOIP phone number with another SIP provider (my Hub is in Modem mode and I have my own DrayTek Router). 

I have an analogue phone that used to connect to the BT style topic Virgin Media originally installed. Now they have switched to a digital service, it connects to the T1 RJ11 socket on the back of my Hub. 

Does anyone know if it is possible to configure my VOIP Wi-Fi handset to use my Virgin Media phone number as a SIP trunk instead? As my handsets support multiple lines, it would be great if I could ditch the old analogue set as it seems a bit redundant. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Virgins lines are now 21CV. They do not use the internet. They use a seperate IP tunnel back to the local headend telephone exchange where the calls then revert to the original PSTN infrastructure they have always used. So as you are not using true VoIP & a VoIP phone won't work. Any traditional phone or DECT handset will work with the new 21CV line.

The traditional exchanges will not be switched off until 2025, as this has to be synchronised with all other operators.

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Amazing, thanks for the reply :-).

2 handsets it is then 😬