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Caller ID disappeared yesterday?

We've had a problem for about 3 weeks with the phone not ringing for inbound calls due to a voltage issue on the line. I spent nearly 2 hours on the phone to customer service at the weekend to log the issues (dial tone ok, outbound calls dropped, inbound calls don't ring) but despite my efforts the fault was recorded as "no dial tone".

Our inbound calls issue was sorted out this morning very quickly by an engineer

However yesterday we lost caller display and this seems to have remained non-functional, despite spending another 1/2 hour today using the text messaging help facility to try and get it sorted.

No caller display means that we cannot use our inbound caller screening on our phone handset.

I can't face spending any more time trying to get these phone issues sorted out - is there someone on the forum team who can assist with this please?

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Re: Caller ID disappeared yesterday?

Hi C0deM0nkey, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that you are having issues with the caller ID. I will send you a private message so that this can be looked into further for you. Chris