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Call Divert

On our wavelength

We have "Anytime Chatter" & "Call Divert" included in our package. We have not used the Call Divert, but we are thinking of using it. Can anyone clarify what the charges are for this service? If I divert my calls to my mobile, will I be charged for any calls that are diverted from the landline to the mobile, bearing in mind that Anytime Chatter allows for free calls as long as they are less than 60 minutes.


On our wavelength

I'm still confused!! We were on "Talk Unlimited" until we renewed our contract in July, when they moved us to "Anytime Chatter". At this point we were told that they were exactly the same and have just been renamed (to make it more trendy). May I will try and see what happens?

'Anytime Chatter' and 'Talk Unlimited' are not exactly the same. You can compare the differences in the latest call charges document

pg 3 onwards compared with pg 25 onwards (page footnotes describe being charged for diverted calls but makes no mention of particular packages).

As you suggest, testing a short diverted call to a non-VM/O2 mobile no. might be the most simple way to check if it generates a usage charge which shows up in MVM or your next bill.

Hi @iamthenewph7 

If you're on the Anytime Chatter, then as long as the call comes under the plan, then you'll not be charged 🙂

Best wishes.

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Up to speed

I can see this question still isnt clearly answered her why are virgin media so useless.  I have been told that diverted calls would be included in my anytime bunddle however calls being divert to 07 or 447  number aren’t being forwarded with differing things being heard by the originating caller.  Digital lines are rubbish VM and others are just resellers and clearer know nothing about the service they provide.  I should of just kept my cancellation in progress and moved my landline to a sim 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @pogit1 


Thanks for posting on our community forum and sorry to hear that you feel this way.


Have you tried setting the divert up again using the instructions here?



Forum Team

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I’ve tried a few option usin 44 instead of 0 doesn’t work. Anyone dialing within the STD code area dialing the just the number eg 123456 doesn’t get put through and gets no error message, however if the dial (01xxx)123456 they get put through a major flaw in the system 

Hi Pogit1,

Thanks for your post about this issue, we are sorry you're also having problems with your Call Divert! 

We can get this forwarded over to our second line Landline Faults Team who will be able to take a look into this issue for you. 

I'll send you a PM now so we can get this raised for you 🤗

Speak soon!


Thanks for chatting with me in our PM's @pogit1, I was able to raise this with our Landline Faults Team who will be looking into your Call Divert issue over the next few days. 

Please let us know of any updates you have from your side, we'll be happy to do the same on our side too 🤗