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Tuning in

This is a con. It’s a complete farce. When you have a black spot and thus no connection to the hub the app tells you to check the settings and try again. Then when you move to where to you can get the faintest connection to the hub the app says yep it’s all fine 👍👍. Well it’s not fine. Not at all. I’ve been asking help for over a week now for a booster. I doubt they even exist. Complete and utter sham 

Tuning in
Ditto! Did you get a solution from anyone?
Tuning in

I had the same problem scanning over and over then it was saying it is fine. I finally got the app to say i needed a booster and i got the message Sorry, we’re unable to change your package online. I spent 2 hours on online chat the other day mainly on hold only to be told i have to order through the app ?

On our wavelength

When will it start working on the Hub 4

Joining in

Thank you so much to sharing this post.


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