Virgin WiFi Win #3 - Get up to speed with your gadgets

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
WiFi Win #3 Get up to speed with your gadgets. Your gadgets connect to your Hub using two frequencies depending on how far away you are. The 2.4GHz has the longest range like a marathon runner it covers longer distances slower. The 5Ghz frequency covers short distances, faster! Like a sprinter. So it's best for gadgets near to your Hub. Just bear in mind that lower spec or older gadgets aren't always built for our latest WiFi speeds. Have an older Hub? You should connect to both frequencies when you search for your WiFi. Just type in your WiFi password for each of them. Our newer Hub automatically connect to both at the same time. And your gadgets will pick the best frequency as you move about the house. If you're losing signal, turn your gadget's WiFi off... ...and on again to get the best connection. Nice one!