Virgin TV Kids App

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
Oh, hi, guys. Is this the new Virgin TV Kids app? The one that lets kids find great TV on demand, games and books, all in one safe place with no ads? The one that's available to Virgin TV customers on selected TV packs? The one that lets mums and dads manage the settings? Great! Can one of you show me around? Oh, thanks Banananaut. What's that? This is where you sign in. Looks pretty easy to me. Just enter your My Virgin Media user name and password. You can create multiple profiles, choose a name and a background colour. "Hex" and "Whiskers". Two is quite enough for me, thank you. And we're in! That was easy. Wow! A nice selection of games. And books. And loads of great shows to watch, too. Oh, they love this one. What's that, Banananaut? The repeat five times function? Mmh, that will keep the kids entertained for a while. So, how do I bookmark all the stuff they love? Just tap the heart and go to "Favourites". Nice! And can I download shows online to watch later when I can't connect to the internet, like in a car or on a plane? So, I'm online, select a show I want to download and click. Parental control. Always nice to know you've got it. I now have 30 days to start watching the show. And once I've started watching it, then I can view it as many times as I like within 48 hours. So where do I view all my downloaded shows? I see! Under the search bar. Just toggle the "Downloads" button. Thanks! Anything else I need to know? It's great for streaming and downloading over Wi-Fi 3G or 4G. But if you don't want to gobble up your mobile data allowance, keep to "On" when connected to Wi-Fi. Tap the question mark for more information. You're right, Banananaut. That was so easy, even I could. Oh, you cheeky monkey! Download from the App Store or Google Play.