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Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff
Tuning in

I have never failed to be let down by Virgin Media - 100% record of frustration. The latest is this email to them from tonight, and their response:

Good evening
I have been struggling with wifi (even sitting next to the router) from the start of my contract with Virgin - now over a year. I used to work from home and despite paying for the top fibre broadband package, I cannot get wifi even when next to the router. This is debilitating and massively frustrating - I have contacted you dozens of times and been given no resolution or meaningful response. 
Seeing the latest e-shot about your wifi app, I had renewed hopes and faith that maybe you were listening to customers. However, despite my optimism and excitement, the wifi app won't connect with my router as it doesn't recognise the scanned code on the bottom of it. I didn't change the code, despite the app's singular diagnosis of the issue, and cannot follow its singular solution, which is to reset the router to factory settings as I have dozens of repeaters / extenders etc which - while ineffective - will still require reconnecting in my vain hope of some improvement to my £130/month service.
If this booster works (see reference below), maybe I don't have to quit Virgin? Please help me -  I have been seeking assistance from the start but have not had any help and I am at the end of my (wifi) tether. I don't expect a response based on experience, but it really would be a welcome experience after the year I have endured with Virgin Media. 
So true to form, when I emailed this request for help to 'Virgin HomeWorks' (whom I have paid for a year but have never seen or heard from as you cannot book appointments with them or ask for advice through any normal channel) I received this message. Of course I did. What's wrong with me? I'm such a sucker. 


Sorry, we do not pick up mails from this mailbox. 

If you need to get in touch just go to


Kind regards, 
The Virgin Media team

And of course when you visit the Contact Us page, there is literally no way to contact them. I despair. Virgin Media should be ashamed. 
Joining in
Having read your post about the poor broadband and Wi-Fi connection from virgin media I can totally agree I have only been with virgin for two weeks and I've had to contact them every other day I cannot watch the fire stick previously I was with sky and had no problems whatsoever I only swapped over because virgin was cheaper the biggest mistake I ever made I have contacted virgin support who are very good at leading me down the garden path and back again without ever fixing my problem
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This is scary. I’m on day 2 with my new router, can’t connect to WiFi router after going through recommend checks. 

Tuning in
The video says ‘if the App can’t fix it we’re here to help’. It then goes on to look like a chat room conversation. It would be helpful if they added what they expect you to do?
Joining in

Hello I brought my wife a tablet 2019 because her old one wouldn’t work now a year after and the new one won’t let her log in I need help please