Guide to your standard Virgin Media bill

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
Hi there. Today I'll show you what a standard bill looks like and talk you through the details you're likely to see on it. Like most service providers, we bill you for your services a month in advance. So, we'll continue to bill you for the upcoming month. You'll see these charges displayed here. Your monthly service charges will stay the same, based on the bundle or package you've chosen with us. But what you might see outside of your charges could include any On Demand content, interactive charges like gaming or special events like pay-per-view or telephone call usage outside of your talk plan. You'll see these all here. If you currently enjoy a special offer or discount with us, this will appear here. If it's not showing, then your discount will most likely have come to an end. If your current bill has increased, just take a look at the previous bill to see the details of any previous offers. If you've been charged for an item you don't immediately recognise, don't worry. In many cases, there's a simple answer. It may just be a one-off call to a person or company you don't normally ring. For example, have you called a utility or insurance company? This might show up if it was a service number or a number starting with 0845 or 0870. If it's not any of these, is it possible that someone else in your home could have made the call? If you still think you've been incorrectly billed, then do get in touch with us. If you've been charged for any fees like a replacement remote control or a power-line adaptor, then these will appear under the "Other fees, charges & credits" section of your bill. If you've made a payment, made any changes or had a credit applied to your account since your last bill, don't worry. This will be reflected on your next month's bill. The most convenient way to pay for your services is direct debit, where you'll receive your monthly bill one to two weeks before the direct-debit payment is requested. You can see the payment due date here and here. As this is an automated process, you won't need to do anything else. If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, you can do this by calling our dedicated payment line or you can set up a direct debit or make a payment by registering or signing into myvirginmedia at and selecting "My bills". Just so you know, payments can take just two hours to appear on your account. If you've made a payment between 11pm and 7am, it might take us a little longer to process it. Please remember that failing to pay on time may result in your services being restricted until you make a payment in full. Plus, a late payment fee could be applied to your next month's bill. If your bill shows an amount owed from the last bill, this means a payment you've made hasn't reached us in time. So, if you've paid up after that date, or just before, don't worry. It'll turn up on your next bill. You can see the timescales for different payment methods just here. Finally, you can choose to receive your bill either by post or by email. By signing up for ebilling, you will save £21 a year and you'll get your bill quicker. We'll send you an email notification summarising your latest charges and costs. But you can also view full details of your bill on line at myvirginmedia and select "My bills". To switch to ebilling, just select "My profile". All you need is your account number and area reference number. You can find both of these on your bill and welcome letter. Or if you have any accessibility requirements we can produce a bill via Easy Read, Braille, audio or large print, and if you need a change of bill format, you can do that too. Just contact our team and we'll take care of things for you. Thank you for watching. I hope you found this useful.