Guide to your final Virgin Media bill

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
Hi there. We're sorry to hear you're leaving us. But to help make things as simple as possible, today I'm going to talk you through your last few days with Virgin Media and what your final bill will look like. It might have been a while since you had your very first bill from us, but you probably remember that we billed you for a month in advance for your services. This means that you'll carry on getting your standard bill right up to the date we agreed to disconnect your services. This last bill could detail service charges for after your disconnection date. But don't worry about that. This is normal and we'll put everything right on your final bill. If your final bill is in credit, you don't need to do anything, as we'll take care of this for you. We'll automatically arrange a cheque refund to be sent to you. When your disconnection date has passed, we'll produce a final bill detailing any credits we owe you and/or any final charges for services you've used up until your leaving date. Here's an example so you know what we mean. Your disconnection date was on 10th February. Your monthly bill is calculated on or around the 9th of every month. In your previous bill for February, you will have been charged a month in advance for the period between 26th February and 25th March. And in the bill for January, you would have been charged for the period between 26th January and 25th February. As you disconnected your services on 10th February, your bill shows a credit for any payments made beyond your disconnection date. The final bill will therefore show a credit between 10th February and 25th March. Before you cancel your services with us, we ask for a 30-day notice period. If you're still within your minimum contract period when you asked for your disconnection, you could be charged an early disconnection fee. These will appear in the "Other fees, charges & credits" section here. When you're disconnected, we'll need you to send back our equipment, as you won't be using it. To make life a bit easier, we'll send you a postal-returns kit so you can get everything back to us free of charge. All you need to do is pop our equipment into the packaging including any cables, remotes and smart cards. Full details on how to do this will be in your pack. Just bear in mind that you might have to pay a fee for any equipment you don't return. So, do make sure you keep your receipt as proof. If you had a direct debit set up with us, we'll take care of your final bill payment using this method. Or if you choose to pay by credit or debit card, then you can do this by calling our dedicated payment line. Just to let you know, payments take just two hours to appear on your account. If you've made a payment between 11pm and 7am, it may take us a little longer to process it. If you've changed your mind, and would prefer to keep your Virgin Media services, just visit our "Contact us" page here and let us know. That's it. I hope you found this useful.