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xbox one games unplayable most nights


I never come on here to ask for help or advice i just have a quick google and often find my answers that way. but I cant narrow it down so decided to come on here to try get the answers.

so my problems at the moment is whenever i play games on my Xbox one S I've noticed I'm paired or placed in lobby's with countries I've never played with. usually i would get UK, America, Holland etc. but now I get France, Spain, Dubai, Pakistan, Columbia, brazil, Argentina. so when playing call of duty warzone or the multiplayer its near impossible to play as you die from one bullet but the kill cam will show you stood there and firing many bullets. the same for rocket league my ping for that is 150 plus. I've opened my ports to Xbox live and call of duty and still nothing i brought a TP- Link archer c7 router and a slight difference. I'm wired into the router never been wireless and my speed tests all come out fine (110mb 10mb) but the games ping searches above 78plus. I've tried different cables and still nothing changed and also used my brother as host whos with BT 40mb and hasnt touched any settings, we get better games but still bad experience for me. i know its not my aim as when it works i can do fine but its come to a point where i just die and see two different kill cams.  hopefully something can be sorted as i dont fancy paying for a new console for it to be exactly the same. whilst i wait for a reply ill be looking into this again. 


thanks for reading.

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Re: xbox one games unplayable most nights

Hey liverpaul,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forums, we're really sorry for our delayed response.


I'm sorry to hear you've been having a few issues when online gaming from your Xbox one S, I can understand that must be highly frustrating for you. 


So from checking the back end of your services from here, I can't see any major issues or anything that looks like that definite cause. There's a slight congestion issue in your area, however this won't be what's causing you to end up in different lobbies than usual, this is likely to route from your IP. Can I ask if you have an apps or VPNs that are changing your IP address? If you do, it's likely to be the cause for this particular issue.


We can't force your IP address to change, but rebooting your router may help it to change. I know it seems basic, but if you could please put your hub back into router mode and use the VM hub for now, turn it off for a couple of hours, and see whether it helps you connect to your usual servers.


Let us know how it goes.




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