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Twitch stream throttling?

Joining in

hello! i'm a twitch streamer and within the past few days have noticed my internet speed dropping the moment i go live. it only drops on the pc i use for streaming and is fine on other devices. my download goes from 80+ to 3-8, and my upload drops from 30 to 0. the moment i end stream it goes back up again.


above is a mess of notes i made while doing a test stream, if you can make sense of it. i use OBS to stream if that will help. i genuinely have no clue what could be causing this, it started happening after updating OBS but i hadn't streamed two weeks prior as i was away, so i don't know if the issue started then. if anyone has any idea what the issue is, please help. thank you.


Trouble shooter

The number 1 for gripes goes to Twitch, the runner up is MS Teams !

The 90/37 speed test - if that is a direct connection to the Hub the connection has de-rated from 1000 to 100 Mb/s.

If it is not a direct connection, how does the computer connect to the Hub ( 10/100 switch / WiFi / Pods / Powerline extenders etc etc )

What does this link reveal about the Hub vs. the device speeds ...

my pc is connected via an ethernet cable, that connects to a wifi booster plugged in, in my room - the hub is in the living room downstairs.


here is the test, although i am not live so this is pretty much just the normal speeds.

Ashsquentin 👋 welcome to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear you are having some issues when streaming. Having had a look for you there are no issues showing with the connection reaching your hub, although there are a few disconnections showing from in the past month, but nothing within 3 days either side of your post on Wednesday. 

We need to establish where the issue may be coming from so we can offer further support. It may be with your equipment rather than the connection itself. 

It would be good to know if the issues happen if you try streaming when directly connected to the hub? (This may indicate an issue with the Wi-Fi booster processing the connection rather than the Hub or connection itself)

Is there any pattern to the time of day you are streaming or does this happen every time you stream, regardless of the time of day? 

Let us know about this and we will continue to investigate and offer support! 
Thank you for your patience in the meantime, I appreciate connection issues can be frustrating! 

All the best 🌞