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Slow upload speeds

Joining in

Hi everyone. The last few weeks, I have been encountering slow upload speeds at various times of the day, particularly from afternoon to the early hours. My download speed is always around 250mbps which is perfect, but my upload speed, which is supposedly meant to run at an average of 25mbps drops to 2mbps or there abouts.

Naturally, I've tried everything (that I know of) to fix it at my end and have run out of ideas. The issue is, I stream on twitch via my PS5. With the poor upload speed, I cannot stream without it being very laggy. I dropped my resolution from 1080p to 720p and still encountering lag. 

Someone suggested to me that that my speeds could be throttled? But wouldn't that affect download speed too? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My knowledge of this stuff is fairly average but I feel like I've done what I can do at my end.






Trouble shooter

There are so many posts grumbling about Twitch streaming issues and at all times of the day & night.

Perhaps the only common theme is Twitch as folks use a range of different gear.

Next time the Twitch uploads drop test the Up/Down service speed to the Hub using :

This might not be a VM issue.

Oh, I can imagine there to be tonnes of groaning regarding twitch streams lagging. But what would twitch have to do with doing a speed test and getting 2mbps upload speed?

Perhaps it is flawed to assume Twitch could not possibly be overloaded or throttling upload feeds

So I run a speed test on my PC, I get 2mbps upload speed. I don't understand where twitch relates to that? 

What you said about twitch isn't flawed. It just isn't relevant. But thanks for the reply!





Run this speed test on your PC and share the results of the "Run full test" option.

Is the VM service working well or not ?