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Ps5 latency problems since 120hz

Joining in

Hi I’ve had latency issues with my ps5 since getting a 120hz tv. The tv settings are correct and is optimised for gaming it’s a lg c1. Ever since I play warzone the lag is between 60-600 ping.

I am hArd wired from the router and still having major issues. An engineer came round and said it’s a hub 3 issue. I’m getting the hub4 this week, but has anyone else had this problem? 

I just hope the new hub fixes if, as I just can’t game in high frame rate. It’s sad 😞 plus I’m on 500mbs 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Alpystar,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

Can I ask does the issue occur on any other games/devices?

Also from checking our service I can see that there is an appointment is booked.

Let us know how the service is after,


@Ruth256 wrote:

Often, a weak wirless network can be the cause for an elevated ping on PS5. In this case, you can fix the situation by connecting your console to your router via Ethernet cable. If the router is too far away and there are no cables at your place of residence, a powerline adapter is usually the next best alternative.

The OP stated they are using a wired connection...