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Re: Poor upload Speeds on ps4

Theres alot of ppl having this upload speed problem on ps4 myself included. It only seemed to happen when they did the firmware update to fix the latency issue. my guess is its the superhub 3 latest firmware causing issue with ps4 upload speed. i get 300-500kbps on ps4 test but i get 5mbps on speedtest through my phone. 

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Re: Poor upload Speeds on ps4

Thanks Lee2, 

It's really bad some days, it has dropped to 170 Kbs sometimes, then I just get dropped completely.
I still have my Xbox 1 running wired, the last test I did with that it was 6.1 Mbs. Still not great but substantially better than PS.
This is where I am at a loss, Xbox works well, Wi Fi is great, but PS4 & Internet drop out happens a hell of a lot.
So if someone said, well that is what PS is like, you have to live with it, then I would suck it up and go "oh well, I guess that's all I can do" but it sounds like some people have fixed the issue.
As for the internet drop out, loss of connection, at various times of the day, & my Xbox wired connection showing OK upload speeds, I am just very confused.      

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