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PS5 Download Upload Speeds

Joining in

Have a 1gb volt package with hub 5. Virgin Connect measures speed in bedroom at 140mbs, but PS5 connected wirelessly in the same room is showing just 3.7mbs download and 571kbs upload speed. Any suggestions how to resolve this issue.




Is Virgin Connect showing the Hub's service speed as 140 or the WiFi speed of the mobile phone as 140 Mb/s ?

What else is in in your WiFi network e.g. WiFi Pods or 3rd party WiFi repeaters or Powerline extenders ?

I have 2 pods.

Using Virgin Connect app on my mobile phone the Hub speed was 1152 download 50 upload.

When scanned in the bedroom in question the upload speed was 140mbp download 48mbp.

At ythe same time as the scan the PS5 showed just 3.9 download. 

The large difference suggests the PS5 has not make a WiFi connection to the same point as your mobile phone.

  • Thank you for responding. The Connect App shows PS5 connected to the hub. So if I've understood correctly if my mobile is connected to a pod, which it was when I ran the test, the PS5 would get same speed if also connected to pod. How do I achieve that, I thought it would automatically connect to strongest signal. 

If the PS5 is set to connect at 5Ghz only would that cause it to connect to the VM Pod ?


Thanks for this. I'm led to believe connection speed appears to have resolved. I'm certainly no longer getting grief from my teenage son.

Thanks for the update ollieogb, glad to hear this has improved. Monitor it going forward and let us know if you experience any other issues.