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PES2021 error code GNCX_3000

Has anyone else been getting this error whilst playing multiplayer on PES2021 on PS4. It’s been driving me mad for the past 3 weeks and I’ve lost a lot of points!

So everyone I get paired with an opponent online, at some stage it will disconnect, with the above error saying I’m not connected to the network. I read about PES2021 may need port forwarding on some routers and i have set that all up following this guide I also increased the speed my PS4 is getting by hooking up a Ethernet WiFi a WiFi booster, using a static IP to make it as stable as possible. Enabled DMZ with the same IP.. nothing. Virgin just sent me steps on how port forward which is pretty much done already. Port settings were changed on the game to 



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Re: PES2021 error code GNCX_3000

The SH3 in router mode is useless for Gaming, and then if you add WIFI.

I have an SH4 in modem Mode, with my own router. I never drop connections when online Gaming. My PS4 and PC are both Wired.

My own router controls all port forwarding with uPNP, and always on NAT2,


Red (VM SH2 AC Beta tester)
Running on 1Gbps VM service with SH4 in Modem Mode, with a ASUS RT-AC5300 router. With this setup I get Fantastic WIRED and WIRELESS Signals in my home. I dont work for VM. But I work in IT, and I know my tech.
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