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Insane latency spikes - Outright loss of service during peak hours.

On our wavelength

For the last month, my wifi has rapidly been getting worse and worse to the point where using extenders, powerline adapters or directly wired ethernet doesn't do anything.

I've upgraded to a mesh wifi system and added my own router and put the hub in modem mode and nothing seems to be helping. I've switched between both systems when I face issues to rule out the issue being on my end.

I've had 2 engineer visits. The first put my downstream db levels "within spec" and the 2nd just replaced my hub. Nothing has improved, it's continued to get worse. I'm scared to call again and end up paying a £25 fine.

Our wifi is approaching un-useable levels and restarting it no longer fixes our issues for a couple of hours. I'm desperate to get this fixed as I work from home and I'm stuck in a contract that I refuse to pay because I want to leave. 

I'm using the Hub 4 in modem mode, with the TP-Link Archer AX23 (AX1800) router, with 2 OneMesh extenders. Watching YouTube is considered a privilege at this point. I'm almost certain the issue is not on my end at this point.


On our wavelength

My GPU is overclocked, my CPU is not. I have a Ryzen 5 2600X (Without PBO enabled) and an overclocked RTX 2070. But this issue persists when I use my phone to connect to wifi and then tether that way too.

I can run a test from the modem to PC directly tomorrow, I'll have to reloate my PC.

On our wavelength

Adding on to this, this issue only occurred in the last 2 months and my PC hasn't changed in the last 2 years.

Hi DylanK01


We appreciate the additional details, were you able to check the connection when wired as the connection and equipment shows no issues with all of the levels being within the ranges and specs we'd expect to see. The Hub is in modem mode so other checks aren't possible.