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Joining in

Hi all,

just signed up to 1gb fibre after 20 year with problem free 38mb down 7mb up tiscali/talktalk.

Is this going to be any good for online gaming because all I have read up to now  is nothing but problems and lag spikes. 

My install is brand new, they only dug the street up last week, goes live 14th June.

Be ok or am I in for a rollercoaster ride?


Next to find the account chat because the first bill is £150ish and I was told everything was free, activation and hub 5.




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No, it won't be alright.

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No, it won't be alright.

Oh dear, suppose I will have 14 days to try it out before I cancel it.


Joining in

My question was same, Thanks i got the answer. 

Best Regards Amansala

Based on my experience with them I'd say that their service is GARBAGE - especially when you have to call their Helpdesk... Their infrastructure is old and poorly managed and the equipment supplied just can not handle the usage of MODERN HOUSEHOLD! Just walking around the town will give you an idea how bad some of the cabinets are - Tells a lot about ASSET MANAGEMENT or lack of it....

I am on 1Gb connection as I am heavy user (we got 20+ devices connected to their Hub5 - ranging from 3 consoles, PCs, laptops, mobile phones, bulbs, thermostats and so on) and very often PING/ Latency spikes reach 100ms on BQM, PS4. Initially I thought its my console packing up but took it to my brother's house where he has BT FTTP (proper fibre straight to the house) and the same game on the same console gets PING of an average 14ms - I am talking about Telemetry Meter on Warzone 2 stats) Gaming experience is totally different on his comparing to my broadband. 

Connection during my GOOGLE MEETS/ and MS TEAMS calls are always poor - never had that problem while I was on BT FTTC in my previous house.

The guys on the forum will give you best support and I wouldnt even waste my time on calling their helpdesk; but even they have to follow some very strange process where you being asked multiple time to do PIN HOLE reset on your hub every time you get to contact them ....

In addition to getting high PING spikes while internet usage at home is high I also get same high spikes while everyone is asleep between 2 and 6 am where most of our devices are turned off... so what does that tell you? On the other side I will get a day or two in a row where spikes are at most 40ms on BQM and user experience is much better so its hit and miss. In my view nothing has changed at VM from when I left them back in I think 2008/ 2009. Their service back then was poor and still is. I used to get random disconnections back then - like I am getting now. Their customer service sounds ok - I mean people are nice and polite but nothing ever gets done PROPERLY.

Their new HUB5 is much better than the previously used by me HUB4 which was showing regular drops every half hour but there is something very strange about this HUB5 all together. I run it in their standard recommended mode and can't get to load comments on FB or YT reels at all. Every time I turn on the NETFLIX on my TV now, I have notice saying that there is connection error - so I have to keep switching TV on and off for few minutes until it suddenly starts working....resetting the hub makes no difference. Of course you can separate the 2.4 & 5 GHz networks but if yuo need wifi pods like me - then you have to use their equipment in the default mode.

My next step is to get the PROPER ROUTER and try running HUB5 in MODEM mode after that I am waiting for BT FTTP which will be rolled out on my street within 2 years and I am off and will never be coming back. An example of the company that advertise Sh%$t as GOLD to sell you anything - once you are on the hook - you in for the ride...very random might be ok or you may end up in the same boat as 1000's of users registered on this forum.... GOOD LUCK

You got your cooling off period so use the f%$&K off this connection - I mean connect everything and use it heavy! Start BQM 

If Talktalk works well this is not the time to be changing ISP.

From the FTTC 40/10 profile, M125 would have been a very decent upgrade & that service level does have low latency and quite minimal jitter.

Gig 1 is the only service rate that uses DOCSIS 3.0 channels plus DOCSIS 3.1 channels the data demux and remux process increases latency and adds lots of jitter.

From reading this forum, Gig 1 has to be the worst choice for gamers.

What's with all the spam on this thread?

6 of 11 responses are from spambots.

Posts 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 11 are bots. 

If gig 1 is a terrible choice for gamers why do they advertise it as great for gaming and streaming 4k? (False advertising) I agree I was better on the 500 than the gig1 now im suffering badly on this package.

@Viper-t wrote:

If gig 1 is a terrible choice for gamers why do they advertise it as great for gaming and streaming 4k? (False advertising) I agree I was better on the 500 than the gig1 now im suffering badly on this package.

Because it makes money, and not easy to prove it's a 'terrible choice'.

Alessandro Volta

It's great for downloading games and for streaming 4k.  That's quite truthful. 

What they don't promise is that the latency is good for playing games. For many users it isn't. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.