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Gaming / streaming unplayable

Tuning in

Evening all! 

As of late (The past month) gaming has been terrible, I play WoW and my son has a playstation 5 that he also gets random disconnects from game. 

I play semi serious (Mythic raiding for those in the know) and for it we use voice chat (Discord) and that is also unusable, I can't hear anyone / people can't hear me without it breaking up or dropping out. 

I'm not too technically minded when it comes to networking etc but in WoW it's showing anywhere from 500ms - 25000ms and completely locking up / disconnecting me making it unplayable. 

We all so have Sky glass / fire sticks in the living room / bedrooms that constantly buffering when trying to view. 

This problem seems very intermittent, it can be fine for a day, then the next completely unusable

I will try add data below from router 
Thank you - Jamie. 



Posting the picture of Graph from last night, as it's about to disappear on the 24h timeline

Hi Softstab 


I am sorry to hear that.


Did the attending engineer leave their contact details or advise of any next steps?


If you don't have their contact details or they haven't responded, please let us know here and we can assist further 🙂

Vikki - Forum Team

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