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Blocking online gaming at certain times only

Is there a way of blocking online gaming ONLY at certain times of the day or night. I know I can switch off broadband but this won't help as I still want to be able to use the internet, Netflix,etc. I want to block online gaming between midnight and 8am to prevent someone staying up into the early hours of the morning playing online.

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Re: Blocking online gaming at certain times only

I put my SH3 into modem mode, and got my own router. With this I can control my internal network with ease.

All my equipment is on the 5GHz range, and the children's equipment is on the 2.4GHz range.
When they was younger I set it the 2.4GHz range to be off at certain times, just like you say. But all my stuff still works. 

Red (VM SH2 AC Beta tester)
Running on 350Mb VM service with SH3 in Modem Mode, with a ASUS RT-AC5300 router. With this setup I get Fantastic WIRED and WIRELESS Signals in my home. I dont work for VM. But I work in IT, and I know my tech.
My advice is at your own risk.