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Re: spam

Thanks for clarifying things, coenoby 👍👌

LS28Girl - if you've another device, open the instructions on one, and log into Virgin Web Mail (using the login details for your affected email)

If you follow the steps of the instructions and check the example images, you should be able to sort it 😊

The filter list is just a collection of the parts of the scum-spam email addresses that doesn't change. If you put the entire email address in, then it'd soon be useless as they change it slightly each time. Often (but not always) there's a part you'll see that remains constant - just add that to the filter.

Get back to us if you get stuck - nothing's easy till you've had a go 😉 We won't shout at you !


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Re: spam

Hi LS28Girl,

I tried to delete my previous instructions but couldn't, as I've edited them for you slightly. This will hopefully make setting a filter up, a little easier......


A BIG kudos to 用心棒 in the help given setting this up in the first place ....
Open a web browser & login to Virgin Web mail -
Top right of the page.....
Go to the 3-lines menu icon (top right of the page) /
Click menu icon  / 
Click Settings / 
Click Email menu (on left side of the page) / 
Click Filter Rules / 
Click Add New Rule box (top right of the page)
Now, type in a name for the filter - whatever you wish, just so you recognise it -
(mine is "MULTIPLE Spam - FROM-REGEX (orange)", ...
Click  "Add Condition" choose "From" .....
Now click on "Contains" & change it to "Regex"
Now highlightcopy then paste the following collection of spam filters, just below (In the box below the word Regex).||@tsongbrio|bwhhealth|@adhamdannaway|@allwording|@kuslarinselami|@giantlottos|snd.115promo|@haob.eupedesker|||||||||||hkjhkhj@||basogho.onthewifi||||@viewdns|@razzball|@energysystem||@zulu|||@info.dealmates||||||@therdancer||onlineapplylearn|chatbot4u|cartimex|extremegb|||@leveltimeshort|@individualdedicated|headlines@trib|latimes|CustomerService@Munchies|admin@turnoutpac||goodhousekeeping@|TermLifeAlert@|CryptoLibra||TestersKeepers|@trib|FlexibleDigitalSolutions||microsoftstore@micserv|itcoin|from@privateserverspoint||@tactical-timepieces
Add your own, as needed, (but make sure to add the spacer bar in-between without any spaces).... |
Then ....
Click Add Action
Choose File Into
Click Select Folder
Choose Spam from the box that opens
Click Add Action (again)
Choose Set Colour Flag - so that on Virgin Webmail, you could see whether the filter sent your rubbish to the spam folder, or Virgin did it ( no colour flag).
Any colour will do.
Click "Save", and you should be done.
It should then look like this .....
All or most of the spam-crud should be sent straight to your Spam folder, with the coloured flag of your choice showing alongside the crud if you view it on Virgin Webmail.
If sent to your Spam folder (rather than Bin) then Virgin's filtering system (MIGHT) eventually learn that it is what it is .... SPAM !!!
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Re: spam

Thank you for your time and help.

It seems to have gone quiet on the phishing front but I now have an idea of what I can do should the pests turn up again - as they inevitably will!

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Re: spam

Hi LS28Girl,


I'm pleased to hear that the spam mails seem to have quietened down a bit. If they do start to return again, please do let us know and we can go from there. We'll do what we can to help you filter out the spam mail.


If you need anything else from us at all, please don't hesitate to get back in touch.


Kind regards,



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