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not receiving emails

i know this is a recurring issue but wonder if anyone has been able to get virgin to resolve the problem of not receiving emails

I use outlook for virgin email - about 8 wks ago it started asking for the password - effectively it wasn't working.

virgins webmail doesn't work either as pressing the email tab on the webpage reverted to a http error - so clearly its their server issue

I have phoned virgin 6 times about this - they reset and the following day or a few days later back to square one - no access to virgin email

I called them again last night and was given the stock replies of - hacking/outages etc - I asked for a specific reason and asked them to email me the reason - no way.  I asked for a supervisor to speak to - the chap said a manager would call - we agreed a time of 6pm last night - no call - no surprise.

tonight its not working again - im waiting for them to answer the phone at the moment 

I use the old blueyonder and wonder if this the reason?

thanks for any input on this  




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Re: not receiving emails

Hello cgbb

Sorry to hear this is happening 

Do you get any error messages on outlook at all

If so are you able to share them on here 

This way we can look at what the issue is 


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