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my ntl email is recognised as spam

Hi, I have an email that I use regularly. Trouble is that quite a few people have said to me that my emails are going into their spam box. No wonder I didn't get replies! This never used to happen, any ideas as logic says it's a setting my end not theirs as it now happens on various emails eg Yahoo, Gmail etc.

Thanks 🙂

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Re: my ntl email is recognised as spam

@ClaireH1 wrote:

 it's a setting my end not theirs as it now happens on various emails.

Or it is something in the content of your emails that triggers the recipients' spam filters.

One thing that comes to mind is whether you regularly include a URL link to a website in your emails, perhaps in your signature. That can trigger spam filters especially if the website you are linking to has been flagged as a suspicious site for some reason.

Others include have a blank subject line or sending emails with several bccs (blind copy) addresses included, for example if you are sending out a club newsletter to a large number of members.

I see that you mention Gmail as one of the email services that are flagging your emails a spam. Gmail has a useful feature that might help you.

If you ask one of your Gmail recipients to open one of your emails from their spam folder it will give the reason why it has been flagged as spam. They may have to click on a box on that page to get that but on my Gmail account it comes up automatically.

Looking in my Gmail spam currently I have the following examples but I have seen several others in the past:

Why is this message in spam? It is similar to messages that were identified as spam in the past.

Why is this message in spam? You previously marked messages from xxxx@xxxxx. as spam.

Gmail's response to your emails will at least give you a clue. Feel free to reply to this thread with the response if you'd like any advice as to what could give rise to that response and how best to act on it.



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