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Virgin Spam filters improvement?

On our wavelength

Anyone know if Virgin have suddenly massively improved spam filters?
On one of my e-mail accounts (an NTL one) I have been regularly getting spam emails through daily (not a great number 4 -10 daily) I have an antispam filter program which picks most of it up.

I have noticed the last few days, (poss begining of Aug) virtually no spam at all.
I wondered if there has been a major improvement on the filtersw?

If that is the case, great..



On our wavelength

Forget the above 50 spam e-mails just recieved,guess there must of been a hold-up somewhere in the system!



Hi roadgiant,

Thank you for your post. To confirm, we haven't had any notification for updates in spam filters. 

I am sorry for the spam emails you have received. Have you checked out our spam page: