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Password reset - different name (Investigating)

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My virgin media account password has been reset by someone else several times since last Friday. Shortly after it happens, I lose access to my email and have to reset the password to regain access. I have also changed the recovery answer to a long random string which didn't help.

Is there some kind of exploit with the password reset system that allows an attacker to bypass the recovery question? The last two password reset emails even show a different name to the one from my account.




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Someone at this company needs to acknowledge this problem and FAST. No, we do not have viruses, no we have not clicked on a sketchy link - this is one hundred percent a catastrophic failure THEIR END. If I get my password changed again I'm calling the press. It makes NO SENSE that - with a name on the account that is not PHILIP or ROGER - the emails coming in about the password changes are addresses to those names - how is that not an instant red flag? This is literally unbelievable. I've been with Virgin since it was NTL and I had a surf board broadband modem. I am literally talking 20+ years ago here - very quickly starting to think it's game over with them now. Honestly, I am beyond furious right now.

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as with everyone else who’s replied, my email password has also been hacked for the second time in 3 days. Also with the name ROGER. 

It seems VM emails are now porous to hackers who can change passwords for multiple accounts at Will despite us changing the passwords and the memorable questions. 

My question is when are VM going to get a handle on this and secure out accounts????


Good idea, giving this a try.

Anyone else affected by this needs to be careful with other accounts being hijacked if they can be reset via your email address. The attacker tried to take over an old Microsoft account after the initial password reset.

I've just changed the email address attached to any bank accounts or important accounts. Fortunately I don't think any other accounts than my email has been compromised so far. VM need to pull their finger out on this one!

I've just joined this forum because I am getting the same problem (emails addressed to "ROGER" included).

I've also received a bogus "forgot your password" email generated from a completely different web site, so the problem seems to be bigger than just a problem, it may be that @ntlworld email addresses have been hacked and are being tried out on multiple web sites.



I've had my email accounts hacked twice in the last few days. Both are emails.

I've logged in and changed password and security question now, but I did this originally and a few days later my passwords were changed again.

Is there anything else I can do to prevent this from happening again?

I've added biometrics login on my android phone as extra security 

Just noticed from the other posts in this forum, everyone seems to have the same Roger / Philip problem as well.

Is there any answer from Virgin as this is obviously a problem at their end


Roger has also changed mine twice this week.

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I have on two occasions in the last week had my password changed to my email account, both occasions the email telling me so has had different Names on it! 
It may seem a coincidence but it has happened since I’ve updated my package last week! 
On phoning the helpline they don’t seem to get the fact I’m trying to find out an answer as to why this is happening, is there a contact number for somebody who may actually understand and be able to help me out as it’s becoming rather frustrating and worrying! 

any help would be greatly appreciated 

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Quite a few people are having the same issue. We are waiting for a response from Virgin media.