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NTL world

Hi, I have a old NTL world account (guessing over 12 yrs). 

Its been hacked with the password and I am getting constant dodgy emails. 

I am not a current VM customer, I have called VM today 22/08/19 and they have told me they can not delete it due to me not remembering the account number from years ago. Apparently this email should of been deleted within 90 days of VM taking over NTL but this is clearly not the case. 

I do not know the password to the email, I can not remember my log in details. It is currently set up on my phone. I am guessing the hackers would of changed all the details to it anyway. 

How can this email be completely shut down? 



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Re: NTL world

Don't worry - the Forum Team here in the community are VM employees.  They can get your personal details by private message and they will raise a ticket with the IT department for permanent deletion of the email address and mailbox.  Just wait here for them to reach this thread in a few hours/days depending on the workload.

When they are done, you can verify by running the email address through  If still showing valid, come back and let us know.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: NTL world

Hello missy1205


Welcome to our community forum pages and thank you for your post.


We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty closing the email address down.


We'd like to help on here so we'll send you a private message in a moment to get some information if that's OK? 


Keep an eye out for the message at the envelope at the top of the screen.


Many thanks. 



Forum Team

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