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Missing Direct line emails

Tuning in

Hi I was expecting emails to my ntlworld account from Direct Line but none have been received. I contacted Direct Line and they confirmed that they had sent them to the correct email address. They resent them but I have still not been received. 
I have checked my spam/junk folder but they are not there. I have also checked but no rules have been set up.

i normally access my emails via chrome or safari. I have also logged on to my Virgin Media account but still no joy.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi AllanH,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you aren't receiving any Emails from Direct Line, are you receiving all other Emails, have you sent a test Email from another address to see?



I have  tried  and able to send emails from another email addresses and it appears OK.  As far as I'm aware it is only emails from Direct line that I don't get emails from. 

An email from Direct line has been received at 11:20 today. 

Hi Allan 👋 thank you for returning to the thread to keep us updated! Glad to hear the emails from Direct line have arrived. 

If you have any further issues in future please also let us know;

  • If you are using our Webmail service 👉 or a clientmail service (Eg Outlook / Applemail etc) to access the emails. 
  • What kind of device you are using (Phone, tablet, desktop)
  • If the issue is happening with any other types of emails
  • If you have checked Junk and spam folders, and your email settings here 👉 How to manage my email account | Virgin Media Help for any 'rules' or 'filters' that may be preventing the mail from arriving. 

Hopefully this is all sorted for you now anyway! Thanks for your patience whilst it arrived. 

Wishing you all the best! 🌞