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+++Known Issue+++ Email Disruption - F010434911


Hi there,

We're aware some customers are experiencing difficulties with our email service as follows:

You might find that your NTL/Blueyonder & Virgin Media Mail isn't working right now. We are sorry and our engineers are working to fix this right now. We are sorry about this, our engineers are looking at fixing this as soon as possible.

You can get updates on known service issues in your area here: or by callng 0800 561 0061.



Accepted Solutions

Hello, the ticket is now marked as resolved, so we will now message people who are still having issues to see what we can do to help out.

Please let us know if we miss you, we'll be sure to fire a message over 🙂

Many thanks,
Your Community Moderators

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On our wavelength

I've experienced very slow webmail server response over the last 4 days on various machines over different networks, wifi, 4G and gig ethernet connections. Is the platform struggling?

yep, exactly the same for me. 

Hi there @Chris_J


Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the community forums.


I am so sorry to hear that you are facing a slow issues across your email, can I ask if there are any other services that are also slow? 


What exactly is happening when you use the email service? 

Hi Ash,

basically the webmail interface has been slow loading. After which the inbox takes sometime to load if it does at all. Refresh and reloading  page sometimes works although of recent it has been painfully slow if it works at all. However it seems to have gotten slightly quicker since my previous post.




Spoke too soon, inbox not loading, timing out now!

On our wavelength

My email has been very slow loading today as well.  It is really annoying.  I see a circle turning and eventually things will load, but this isn't right as it should load instantaneously.  I have even rebooted my hub to see if this made any difference - it didn't.

This is still an issue, and for a few customers, it seems. Now my emails aren't loading at all.

Any answers/solutions/explanations from anyone on the VM side?

Joining in


Can somebody help please! Since around lunchtime today I do not seem to be receiving emails, I seem to be able to send them ok (checking sent items in a gmail account) but when I reply nothing comes back, I have asked others to send me emails too and I am not getting them.

I have changed my password and the password reset question. I am getting the same on webmail so emails do not seem to be getting past the server?

Any help or suggestions very welcome!!


Now my email is not just slow loading, I now cannot even receive any emails at all.  Contacted Virgin, and was told to change my password, which I have done.  Then wait an hour to see if anything changes.  If not, they said it was their issue and email should be up and running by 3.2.23 after 1pm.  Sorry not good enough.  I rely on my email for work and everything else.  It needs to be working.

What's makes this worse is when I check service status it says there is no issue with my broadband and phone.  Wifi working.  Virgin need to add to their service status section with a icon for email, so that we can see what the service status is for that.  Not happy at all!