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I can't access my Virgin Media emails !!!!

Just joined

Hi, I still cant access my mail box, and I haven't been able to since last Sunday. The problem is causing me immense stress as I can't access important inbox messages, or send messages through my account. I can still login to Virgin Media, but as soon as I hit the email tab on their website it comes up with this message below, and it automatically logs me out:

SORRY, Your mailbox is not available at the moment.

Please retry again in one hour and make sure you are using the correct password to access your email from all of your devices.

If the problem continues, please call our team for help on 150 from a Virgin Media phone or mobile, or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone and select option 2. For details about how much it costs to call our team from a Virgin Media home phone, visit Call costs from other networks and mobiles vary.

I have tried everything I can think of to resolve the issue, but I feel its something that only Virgin Media will be able to solve by re-setting something their end.

PLEASE, PLEASE can you help me get this resolved very quickly now?

Thank you


Thanks for replying, Stev0D,


Apologies for the delayed response. As you've stated this is linked to an account, I'll send you a PM to confirm your account details.



Corey C

Tuning in

Hi, I've been unable to access my email account for days now. Tried resetting passwords and still get the same message

Your mailbox is not available at the moment.

Please retry again in one hour and make sure you are using the correct password to access your email from all of your devices.

contacted customer support and told me wait 48hrs....still not working!

regret making an account with virgin for my business!!

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you shouldn't be using residential services for your business that is breaking the T&C.
Plus you WILL lose the email address of you ever want to or have to leave VM

Hi, I cannot access the mailboxes for a couple of accounts.

I have been setting up sub-accounts for the family to get their email migrated to Virgin, but there has been a delay for a couple of them between creating the accounts and starting to use the mailboxes. I think as a result of that access to the mailboxes is now being refused. Will it be possible to reset the accounts?




Sorry to hear you've been struggling with the E-Mail account, and can see that you've been in contact with our team recently


I can see that an IT ticket has been raised for this issue and as we're still within the SLA of this being resolved, we would advise that we'll seek to be in touch with you once this has been resolved


Kindest regards,



All sorted now thanks. Took longer than expected but Phone call is only way.

Hi JLEADY, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that you have been having issues with the mailbox. I am happy to hear that this has since been resolved and let us know if you need anything? Chris

On our wavelength

But what happens when you still ARE a customer of VirginMedia (as I am)? It looks like the answer is no different. This loss of mailbox has happened to me recently. I stopped being able to get into my account on Thursday 21 October. I was given no notice whatsoever. I have mail in there that includes an M&S gift card number value £100 for instance (that I didn't get a chance to make a note of). What is most disturbing is that sending a test email to my account STILL does not serve a bounce back or an alert of any sort that the mail account is defunct. It is the equivalent of having had one’s house boarded up (and being denied access) yet the letter box for the house remains open. The post is going in and three weeks’ worth of it has been piling up on the doormat inside. There's something deeply wrong about that.


SnowPicnic - Just curious - what happened with the offer of help by Paul_DN in your other thread ?

On our wavelength

HI Snowpicnic

Dare I ask if anything has changed on your emails? 

I called VM customer services 17 times, emailed them 5 times, raised this with customer services, wrote to the company and am now filing a complaint on the Ombudsman scheme. So far I have had not a single reply and of course no reinstatement of my emails. I have checked with 2 IT consultants and both independently say the same thing - it is in the gift of the owner of the domain to reinstate or restart email services if they wanted to. We are all I suspect being given the brush off in the hope we won't take this further but the lies really have to stop. Posters on here need to realise that when they are told by customer services they will get a resolution from IT in 24/48/72 hours that is not true. Likewise if customer services team leaders promise to call back in 1/2/3 days they won't. Virgin have misdirected most enquiries in this vein to Talk Talk but then eventually advise that Virgin Media cannot reinstate these addresses. They claim that they can't apply redirects, they can't even fix it so that emails bounce back to senders so at least the sender knows the address is not not working. If you ask a direct question like 'who deleted the address' or 'where is the notification the address is being deleted' you won't get an answer let alone a straight one. No one in this company seems at all inclined to offer any kind of a solution.