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How to change a password

Tuning in

Hi All,

My wife still has a email address which she can access and use. She likes it best of all as it is just without having to add in extra numbers or letters and she has had it for years.

She doesn't want to let go of it as she still uses it as her contact details or if she needs to set up an account for a website. This is late 2022.

Unfortunately she has kept getting notification emails saying her Microsoft account password and her Facebook account password has been changed. When she resets it, she gets the same thing again with security confirmation codes being sent to her email address.

This implies that someone can access her Microsoft and Facebook details even after she changes them securely which leads to the conclusion that someone can access to her email address and therefore knows her password.

She wants to change her password but keep going round in circles in that we don't have a Virgin Media account as we were the copper section that was sold off to TalkTalk and Virgin Media don't recognize those addresses any more when you 'Forget Password'

No one seems to know who manages or maintains these email addresses any more and if there is a security breach, how can it be stopped or rectified.

All she wants to do is change her password so that the potential hacker can't log onto her email account.

Does anyone know what to do?




Tuning in
I know I'll get replies saying for her to start using another email address as the may be turned off etc. but it is the 'How to change her password' that I want to do.

Hi ngc1967, thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

I am sorry to hear you've not been able to change the password on the email address and for any inconvenience this may be causing you. As the email address in question does indeed sound as though it's (for want of a better word) orphaned, it's unlikely that we'd be able to offer much in the way of support, sorry.  I appreciate you've already mentioned this, but I think the best course of action, could well be, to have all relevant emails in the mailbox forwarded to a newly created 3rd party email address.  I am sorry, I fully understand, that is not the advice you're seeking. However, it does indeed sound like this may be the best option in regards to future proofing against loss of contacts etc.



Thanks Lee, 

It might be the best way to forward onto a new email for the moment. I'll look into that