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How do I stop emails going to my primary email account

Hi how do I stop emails going to my primary email acccount. My account was set up with my husband as primary. I understand that I cannot delete my primary NTL account.

I am very concerned that in the last few weeks I have been getting a large amount of porno emails. 

I keep deleting and unsubscribing but they continue to flow.  



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Re: How do I stop emails going to my primary email account

Hi isabella1

I first thought you were asking how to stop all emails going to your primary account but it seems you only looking to stop unwanted (also called spam or junk) emails. Unfortunately that is easier said than done.

Those spam/porno/nasty emails are going to that email address because the address has fallen into hands of spammers. The fact it is your primary account has nothing to do with it.

The unfortunate truth is once an email address has got into the hands of spammers you cannot take it away. You do find that the volume of spam arriving into your mailbox does fluctuate. If it is bad at the moment it may well die down in a few days.

I admit I cringed when I read this;

isabella1 wrote:I have been getting a large amount of porno emails. 

I keep deleting and unsubscribing but they continue to flow. 

The first rule is never, ever, ever, use an unsubscribe link in any unsolicited email.

If you sign up to receive marketing emails from a legitimate organisation but subsequently decide the emails are no longer of interest then it's usually ok to use their unsubscribe link to advise them.

However, by clicking on the unsubscribe link in those porno emails you are simply telling the spammers who sent them that your email address is live and being used. They don't play by the rules. Not only will they not take you off their email list, your response will result in you getting even more nasty junk mail from them and they may well sell on your email address to even more spammers. That could be why you are getting so much spam/junk email. Also, when you click on the unsubscribe link in those emails you have no idea where it will take you or what it might do to your device. Just don't do it, ok?Smiley Wink

Moving on....The official advice from Virgin Media is that you should flag those unwanted emails as spam in webmail so the Virgin Media spam filter learns to identify them as spam. Unfortunately, the spam filters are slow learners so you need patience before you see any results.

You should also follow the advice here set your email account to send spam to the spam folder. It should be by default but best to check.

There is a product called Mailwasher which I have used very successfully in the past. the free version is a cut down version but is still very good for home use. It is excellent at filtering out spam and is pretty straight forward to use but it is another overhead when all you want to do is send and receive emails.

Some people use the email filter rules in webmail to try to sift out unwanted email. However, the spammers are clever at changing the email addresses that they send from and in subtly changing the content of their emails to avoid being caught by any filters.

If it really gets too much to cope with you could decide to set up a new email address. That is inconvenient but it is worth it once you've done it. You get a huge relief when you look at your inbox each day and not see it stuffed with junk. I can tell you that from experience.

I hope I am addressing the issue that you wanted advice on, apologies if I've wasted your time.Smiley Sad


Oh, and did I remember to tell you not to click on the unscribe links in future? Smiley LOL

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