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Filtering email to reject an exact phrase


I'm trying to filter spam to one of my email addresses.

I'm using Settings > Email > filter rules

I want to reject emails using an exact phrase in the subject line, for an example let's use "spam" but not other phrases like "spamperson" or "spammers" . 

So I'm setting up the rule where the subject line contains only the word "spam" but it's rejecting every word with that in, so "spammers", "spamperson" etc. So I try putting the word between quotation marks " " but then the filter doesn't work & the message gets through. I thought quotation marks was common for an exact phrase or is it some other method? 

Anyone know how to set up a filer where an exact word or phrase is rejected but not variations of the word or phrase, please? So e.g. "spam" is rejected but "spammers" isn't?


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Re: Filtering email to reject an exact phrase

Try using the Is exactly condition instead of the Contains condition.


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