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Emails not sending

Help!  All of my emails today have bounced back with an undeliverable message and the following code on all of them:  552 5.7.0 SPAM Content Found (VM603).  I have not changed any settings since yesterday so not sure why today no emails will send!  I am receiving emails ok, but when I try to reply I get the above message.  Also if I try to send a new email I get the same bounce back.  I tried speaking with a man at Virgin media but he could not help me. He then tried putting me through to someone else and I got cut off!  Having spent almost an hour waiting and then getting nowhere I thought I would try on here.  Can anyone assist please?

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Re: Emails not sending


Sounds like you have been blocked,

1) goto and enter "What is my IP".

2) goto and enter the IP that google gave you into the enter IP box.

If it is listed in SBL or XBL you can request a removal from the same site, if not then something else is going on.

I am pretty much sure that it will be listed.

Regards Mike

I dont work for VirginMedia all opinions are my own.
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Re: Emails not sending


Please read the error message:

552 5.7.0 SPAM Content Found (VM603)

The message really does say what it says on the tin.  It's not down to a DNSBL block but it's down something in the content of the message tripping the Spam filters.

@Nikita145 - Is there a string of random numbers at the end?  This will help the @ModTeam as they can pass this on to the email team to identify the actual message.


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