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Email broken again ?

Up to speed

Can’t access my ntlworld account since 6:30 this morning. 
Account error,

cannot get mail,

ntlworld is currently unavailable 


Up to speed

Same, Blueyonder address. Strap in folks for the latest trip on the VM email rollercoaster.

Dialled in

Same for me. Was working fine last night now I can't access my @ntlworld email from either Outlook or the Virgin mail website. I get a connection time out a few times then server unavailable. It's really annoying as this is my primary email address which Virgin stupidly will not let people change

On our wavelength

Same here.....but according to the Virgin web site , no problems.

On our wavelength

Had same issue with Blueyonder plus not able to access Webmail... however just rectified itself at just past 8.00

Fibre optic

I had the same with but now working again.

Up to speed

Seems to be back up and running for me now. Had flashbacks to the last time VM "improved" the email system

Joining in

I’ve been helping my parents with this and finally managed to get below response. Seems VM have changed logons to random hotmail addresses without telling anyone. To help matters, when I’ve been trying to change the logon as suggested, it sends a verification code to the new/random email address we don’t have access to. I’ve never come across a bigger pile of BS!


OK so and I'll note this for the record, your Mum has given me permission to reset the security with you.

So what's happened is this;

We're not allowing people to have usernames that are linked to Virgin Media, so no NTL/BlueYonder etc. That doesn't mean the email itself will go, no. It just means the log in to the My VM will need to change. 

Details to log in;




When logged in, change the log in email address to an email address of your choosing, just not a Virgin Media one. Can be done via account settings. 



[MOD EDIT: Personal and private information has been removed from this post.]

Hi ten-tenths, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you were having issues with the email address and am happy to hear that this is now resolved. 

Please let us know if anything changes? 

Kind regards, Chris.