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Email account inaccessible - please help

Tuning in

I have two virgin media email accounts for over 10 years (they are actually blueyonder email addresses, but are hosted by virgin media, since they bought blueyonder some time ago).

7 days ago both email addresses became inaccessible. When I try to login I get this error message 'Your email or password was incorrect. Please try again or go back to change your email.' When I try to reset my password I get the error message 'Opps, we ran into a problem...' then the page automatically closes before I can see the whole message.

I have tried logging in via different browsers, devices and incognito, all of which have failed. I am confident this is an issue on Virgin Media's end.

I have contacted support via phone several times, and they have said they have no record of these email addresses. They have issued a ticket to the backend team to solve this. Initially I was told it would be solved within 5 days, then when that deadline passed within 48hrs, then when that deadline passed, they did not give another. On two occasions I have requested to speak to a manager, only to be told they are in a meeting and will call you back. However, I have received no callbacks.

I have little faith the issue will be solved via the phone support team, hence why I am seeking help here.



Keith, the most important question is 'are you a current VM broadband customer', if yes then 'have you always been, since originally setting these accounts up' and 'have you moved addresses in the intervening time?'

If you are not a customer, of have had some sort of break in service, then it is possible that these addresses have become 'orphaned' and as such are prone to being deleted at any time. If you are a customer, can you log into the portal using the primary email address and password?

Secondly, it's sort of reassuring in a consistency sort of way, that the VM call centre workers still trot out the old lie excuse that 'all the managers are in a meeting', the number of times that gets repeated on here. Alternatives that have been mentioned are 'all managers are on holiday' and 'VM doesn't have any managers' - I am prepared to believe the last one!

Tuning in

I have always been a virgin media customer. However, the account was switched to my wife's name a few months ago (due to my health issues). Essentially, my account was closed, and a new account was opened in my wife's name. I believe the email accounts were tied to my account, which was closed, then the accounts became orphaned, and subsequently closed after a period of time.

The fact that it seems no-one is informed their account will be closed, even when you have a reasonable expectation that the email service would continue (as in my case), is a terrible policy.

Thank you for your helpful reply. Shame phone support are not similarly helpful.

Tuning in

My wife could login to the virgin media billing account, up to today; then that stopped working. However, I believe that is a separate issue and hopefully will be something support will be able to sort out (planning to contact them tomorrow). I assume them or the backend have been messing around with things based on the ticket related to this problem, and done something to the billing account.

I think they've been hacked. Myself and others have had the same issue.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Keith_123,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to see your Email you have used for over 10 years has stopped working, has anything changed, are you an active Virgin Media Account holder and is this the account the Email is associated with, have you taken out a new account in a different persons name?



Hi Keith_123, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums.

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues login into the email, can you click here to verify the email and let us know how it goes? 

Kind regards