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Disappearing sent emails

On our wavelength

My Sent emails before 12/01/22 on my iPad and Sent emails before 27/05/21 on my iPhone have all disappeared. That amounts to years of lost saved emails. Why has this happened and how can they be retrieved?



The very first thing to try is to access your email via the webmail interface. Open a web browser and go to

Login with your normal email username (your full email address) and password, and see what is there. If the missing emails are seen then it is probably an issue with views or filters on the iPhone or iPad. But if (and I’m afraid based on your description, I fear this may be the case), the missing email are not there, then I am afraid they are gone permanently. 

I wouldn’t want to speculate as to what may have caused their deletion, but VM do not keep backups of email, that is entirely the customer’s responsibility. The webmail interface is a view of what VM currently have on their servers, if the email isn’t there then, I’m afraid it is gone.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi H1uams


Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Community. 

I am very sorry to hear your sent mails have disappeared when accessing your account via Apple devices. 

Can I please ask if you have been able to login to your mail via the web browser? If so, are the email showing there? 

Let us know and we will do all we can to help. 




On our wavelength

Hi Nat,

I can login but emails are not there. I also cannot understand why there is a time difference between the two devices.





Hi @H1uams, thanks for coming back to us

Might be a bit of a long shot, but can you try clearing the cache on your browser to see if this E-Mail's re-appear via our webmail function?

Have you been able to check any other folders within the E-Mail account to see if any have been relocated? 

Kindest regards,


On our wavelength

Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately that didn’t work.

Sorry to see this did not work @H1uams, can you please confirm if the email settings on the devices have you set the 'mail days to sync' option to no limit to see if these emails then come through?



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On our wavelength

Hi, I’ve IOS 12 on my iPad and 15 on my iPhone. Neither have ‘Mail days to syn’ in my email settings.

Hi H1uams,

Thank you for reaching back out, do you have access to another device such as a pc to see if you can check Via that?



On our wavelength

Unfortunately we don’t have a pc. Decided from now on just to send emails via gmail. Will keep Virgin incoming but for how long? as I already have an issue with that having some 3565 emails that I have already read reappearing. Thanks for the assistance. Will not pursue this issue further.