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Can receive emails but cannot send

Clicked on legit link for email address of company and outlook froze the sent message (got half way through sending)

Have managed to delete that message from sent folder

Now I can only receive emails and not send.

VM have checked all Outlook account settings etc. but cannot find solution

Told it was "email outage issues being resolved" - not convinced - just as I pressed send on that email. Hmm.

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Re: Can receive emails but cannot send

I have had the same problem I use Windows Live Mail and when i go to send smtp server wait to  connect  try again and no luck so far started tuesday

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Re: Can receive emails but cannot send

For both of you. On the surface you each have a similar issue, but that is not necessarily true. As a start we need to know what exact error messages you are seeing when you try to send. And I mean "exact" not a paraphrase please. The error message contains information of value in diagnosing the issue. And it would be better if Daveg14 started his own thread. If it turns out you have different issues with the same manifestation then having them discussed in the same thread makes life more difficult.


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