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Can I create an alias email address without deleting my existing one

Is it possible to create an alias email address so another member of my household can get their emails sent to my email address as they haven’t got their own account? 

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Re: Can I create an alias email address without deleting my existing one

If you are the main account holder of a VM broadband service, you can do this, creating up to 9 secondary addresses with their own separate email inbox and password.  That would then be accessible by using VM web mail on any device that uses web browsers.  Or using the email programme/client that comes on most devices, or downloading something like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.  The other address/person would not have access to the primary billing account and email address or any other secondary email addresses.

You should explain to the person that they might be better to get an email address NOT linked to someone else.  Because YOU (the account holder) can always delete their email address, change their password without their permission, mess with their settings, even spy on their incoming and outgoing mail.  Also, if YOU (the account holder) cease to have VM broadband service, their email address will also disappear without any warning.  If your relationship breaks down or you become ill or incapacitated, they have no recourse to Virgin Media.  If the address malfunctions, they would need YOU (the account holder) to contact VM to fix it.

There are free and paid-for email services that offer better security, better spam filtering and are portable as long as that company maintains their servers.  It would even be best for YOU (the account holder) to consider using that as the source of your main email address.  (some options to research - gmail, yahoo, proton, outlook - just do a search for free email addresses)

Best wishes!


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