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Our community belongs to you. And we’d love our new blog to be written by, well… you.

Whether you’re an aspiring tech writer, a lover of tech or apps; or have a trick or two up your sleeve when it comes to technology, we want you to have the opportunity to have your say.

What’s it all about?

If you’d like your voice to be heard, our new Digital life blog could be the chance you’ve been waiting for. Each month we’ll nominate a current tech topic, you can submit your ideas and we’ll work with you to create and publish your article.

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If you’d like to write for us, we can offer support, promotion and an audience.

You’ll have access to professional editors who’ll work with you to ensure your content gets your point across, we’ll help source images to bring your articles to life and we’ll promote your writing across social media.

Neat huh?

I’m in.

Glad to hear it. Getting involved is simple. All you need to do is talk to us. Send any of the team a Private Message and we’ll invite you into our Digital life group

(It’s like a members only board). That’s all there is to it. There are no formalities, we’ll just take it from there. >

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Our community team.

Alessandro Volta

Interested, but I note that the team choose the topic monthly?  Can this process be used to supplement or replace FAQ's for both technical & process issues? 

Does formally registering an interest require a PM to @VirginMedia or some other, as yet undisclosed team member? Can the T&C's regarding submission and editorial controls be published here or again only via PM?  


Alessandro Volta

I'm interested too.  But I'm not sure that the Putinisation to which Horsey has referred is something that excites me.

I have lots to offer on a number of technical topics that can be brought before lay people to digest.

This mechanism is not what @MrJimMeadows led us to believe in the SU forum.

The price I (currently) pay for telling it as it is - NO CHOCOLATES!   



Very Insightful Person

Id be happy to put something together as an article, but as intimated above Id prefer it to be what I regard as useful. Not trying to be awkward, but if you invite us to write for you you pretty much get what is releveant to US. Edititorial discretion Im happy with, control not so much. Theres quite a few of us could improve (or indeed start) the technical help issues. Or even, dare I suggest it, give technical primers on what you can actually DO with your superfast VM broadband and how to secure your PC in an always on enviroment.....   


Talking as a lay person, I would welcome any articles by you guys 😄

Very Insightful Person

I too would love to post information on little short cuts & work arounds I've come across on various devices, especially setting up iPad & iPhone email accounts.

Alessandro Volta
Nearly a year gone and still no visible "traction" on this "blogging submission" process yet for user contributions?. Do we have a 2017 target date or outlook perhaps? Neither can I speculate as continued membership of SuperUser Group means I have to search all Trial/SU posts and meetings minutes first to ensure I don't inadvertently disclose information that may have been previously disclosed but interpreted as "restricted - not for public forum disclosure" by VM Forum management. Until the outstanding queries are answered/clarified then I'll simply use my own server/blog/faq process.....
Fibre optic

I sent a message to them about this and asked some questions.

The message was read but thye didnt have the curtesey to reply.

Bad show really 

Tuning in

I have a Moto E runnuning on 4G, at the moment I'm in The Netherlands and can't make any calls. The phone says it's in roaming mode however each network I register with says I'm not authorised to make calls. This also means I can't phone the Virgin helpline. I would appreciate a solution, this also happened to me when I was in France recently.



Joining in
Can't believe the poor service and back up you provide because I have been telephoning you for faults since july now and still not sorted my Wi-Fi I have had everything fitted new cables from green box to my house and still not working and now has a network problem in box so I got no catch up tv and demand and to top it all my phone has gone down yesterday they come out to fix it today and now it's gone again which I have been passed about pillar to pillar with lies which is not acceptable and they can't get a engineer until Monday to fix the phone plus I don't know how long the broadband will be fixed and I'm paying £85per month for this **bleep**ty service I don't want to hear sorry all the time I want results for once to watch catch up or demand or stream music and my phone fixed and also stop lying to keel your customers
Settling in

Hi and good morning, I’m a Vodafone customer and have been for as long as I can remember(and without any MAJOR issues)I’ve got unlimited calls and messages and 4gb(still don’t really know what this means 4gb)I’m on a fixed price “£23”per month I’ve only just updated to the IPhone “se”because I’m a 48 year old disabled veteran and I was never really into Technology lol,my question is,has anyone else ever switched over from one provider to another provider WITH the same general package and noticed any real improvement in the service,in advance I thank you for your help and your support B 1st Bn RHF 

Joining in

netflix not connecting code showing ui-113



Joining in

saying I have a mobile account already which I don't so how do I get a contract phone

Alessandro Volta

Another year and the only change (from first asking for written objectives/editorial "boundaries") I've seen after @Buffer6 post 25/6/2017 are all "complaint" orientated and with little/no value as Digital Blog and thus should (IMHO) be moved to more appropriate/relevant forums?  

Since SU's can't (AFAICT) move these ourselves (with MOVE option as we can for most other community forum inappropriate threads/posts) then that only leaves "flagging to moderator"?  Which I've done with my post here as I don't want to waste Mod time with multiple flagging each perceived non compliance above! 

Community elder

@ horseman I  see that you gave a mention for my post on 25/6/2017

which had nothing to do with complaining

Now I wonder what ever happened to that post as I can no longer find it Smiley Surprised

Dialled in

Topics for Discussion in a Digital Life Blog

If you have had the misfortune to stray across one of my community help forum posts re Virgin Mobile, you might be forgiven for concluding that I am a confirmed Virgin Mobile hater (and possibly the same for Virgin Media as a whole). Well, I'm not and, although I can be scathingly blunt when delivering my thoughts on various aspects (especially support), all I am looking for is constructive discussion with a view to improving the help forum experience for all concerned. You see, the way I see it, is that much of the content is not really very informative and some is simply misleading. It is also pretty depressing as a whole, too complaint oriented and does little to make things better for its users. Too negative?; perhaps, but it is appropriate fodder for a digital life blog. Of course, technical articles will probably always be the focus of these blogs but the softer, people oriented aspects have to be presented and discussed if we are to make the most of our digital lives. In fact, even if you vehemently disagree, there is still a discussion to be had. Or, if not, we still need a decision as to whether or not it merits inclusion in a digital life blog.


Robert J Irvine

Alessandro Volta

@Buffer6 @rji777 and @ModTeam have PM'd you 3 .......


Rgds Tony

Joining in

I'm constantly reviewing days and times to resolve the ongoing issue regarding my virgin tv box very disappointed this issue seems to be going on for too long ...i would suggest that as a loyal customer that my outstanding balance be somewhat reduced as i find no logical reason to pay for an issue that of no fault of myself ???