WiFi Wins

Virgin Media Staff

5 quick tips for faster home WiFi

WiFi Win #1

Find your Hub’s happy place

Where you keep your Hub makes a difference to the strength of your WiFi signal.

Keep your Hub in the open – away from objects that can block and slow WiFi,
and a metre clear of cordless gadgets whose signals can interfere.

WiFi Win #2

Reboot your Hub for a boost

A classic trick to stop certain devices interfering with WiFi signals. 

Hubs talk to gadgets on invisible channels that other cordless devices can use.
Reboot your Hub, and it’ll automatically fnd the least congested channel.

WiFi Win #3

Get up to speed with your gadgets

Stay connected to your WiFi as you move about the house. 

Your gadgets will pick your Hub’s best frequency as you move about the house.
But if you’re losing signal, turn your gadget’s WiFi o and on.

WiFi Win #4

Use the best connection for the job

Get the fastest speed for the device you're using. 

Needy gadgets like smart TVs and games consoles can hog and slow WiFi . Use a
wired connection, and you’ll free up the WiFi and get the fastest possible speed.

WiFi Win #5

Get rid of blackspots

A smart way to extend your signal to rooms your WiFi doesn't reach.

Have a WiFi blackspot? Try Powerline WiFi Booster – it uses your home’s
electrical wiring to extend WiFi signal. Find out more at


These tips should help you get the very best out of your home WiFi.

Feel free to pop any of your own top tips for WiFi in the comments below.

If you need any more help with your WiFi, please start a topic in our Networking and WiFi forum.  

Joining in

You should mention that not only wireless devices can interfere with signal, but also any high amperage or audio equipment because of the magnetic interference. Household items like radios, speakers, especially MICROWAVES, say your hub is placed on an adjascent wall to your kitchen, make sure it's not behind one!

Up to speed

Also certain LED lighting can affect throughput, particularly if you are using a powerline adaptor.  I use HomePlug AV2 adaptors to connect a laptop in my loft - too far from the VM Superhub.  I noticed a significant drop in throughput speed when I installed an LED grow light for my cacti. Changed to normal white LED and connection speed doubled.